GIT courses

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GIT 110

Technical Graphics

GIT 135

Graphic Communications

GIT 210

Creative Thinking and Design Visualization

GIT 211

Introduction to Video Game Art

GIT 215

Introduction to Graphics Programming

GIT 230

Digital Illustration in Publishing

GIT 237

Web Content Design

GIT 294

Introduction to Video

GIT 295

Introduction to Technical Imaging

GIT 301

Website Development for Nonmajors

GIT 303

Digital Publishing

GIT 312

3-D Computer Graphics Modeling & Representation

GIT 314

Multimedia Design, Planning and Storyboards

GIT 333

Printing Technology

GIT 334

Image Capture and Manipulation

GIT 335

Computer Systems Technology

GIT 384

Commercial Photography

GIT 411

Computer Animation

GIT 413

Professional Portfolio Design and Presentation

GIT 414

Website Design and Internet/Web Technologies

GIT 417

Advanced Internet Programming

GIT 418

Multimedia Authoring, Scripting and Production

GIT 432

Graphic Industry Business Practices

GIT 435

Web Management and E-Commerce

GIT 437

Color Reproduction Systems

GIT 450

Digital Workflow in Graphic Industries

GIT 490

Advanced Commercial Photography

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